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Mind Map

Submitted by • May 7, 2012

Mind Map is a tool used to visualise thoughts and ideas generated and make connections between them. It allows presenting ideas in a visual and non-linear way and grouping them into clusters. A Mind Map begins with and initial ideas (positioned at the centre of the page) and then develops into a series of 'branches' populated with words and drawing that expands the initial concept.

The lack of hierarchy determined by the radial development of the concept make them really useful during brainstorming sessions where more people can contribute to the development of the same idea. It also allows to find the real centre of a problem.

A Mind Map is a really personal ways to develop ideas. It is often quite difficult for someone that hasn't been involved in the creation of a Mind Map to understand it's meaning.

Main Map can be used  as way to document observations of a space as shown in the example below.

Mind Map example


I put together a board to start mindmapping:

Mind Map template by Giulia Piu

There are also various online Mind Map tools. To mention a few:




Bill Moggridge, Designing Interactions, (The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2006)

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