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Blueprint Modelling

Submitted by • March 15, 2012

Blueprint Modelling allows to articulate a vision and understand how a business will operate. It allows to display all the activities that will make the business run by dividing them 3 main phases:

- client engagement phase (it's the phase in which entrepreneurs identify their clients and find the appropriate way to persuade them to buy their product and service)

- design/construction phase (it's the phase in which the product or service will be developed)

- delivery phase (it's the phase in which the product or service will be delivered to customers).

Each phase is also divided in 2 part: Frontstage (which shows all the activities that involve the consumer) and Backstage (which shows activities run by the service or product provider). The development of a Blueprint Model start with the Now and New Now exercise and leads to a CashFlow.


I designed this tool based on the one available in the Nesta Creative Enterprise Toolkit. I modified the layout and some labels in order to make it easier to be understood by the users. The improvement are based on my personal experience in using the tool.

Blueprint Modelling Template by Giulia Piu

Blueprint Modelling Template by Giulia Piu



MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship lecture on Blueprint Modelling.

Nesta Creative Enterprise Toolkit


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