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Thumbnail : Featuremap


Submitted by • August 1, 2014

FeatureMap is a digital alternative for using stick notes to demonstrate business model visualization. By creating maps and digital sticky notes and by real collaboration, your demonstration looks more visible and clearer. Take a few minutes for Featuremap:

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ProcessOn Diagram Creator

Submitted by • June 19, 2014

Dear Sir, Hope everything is fine at your end. I am Mia from Bejing,CN. I learned about your site. Thank you for the great contribution in tech world. I am writing to you to show my respect and also wanna submit ...

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Capstera: Capability-based Business Design

Submitted by • January 17, 2014

Capstera is a framework and software fusing elements of business architecture, capability mapping and requirements management to help enterprises create and manage effective business definitions and roadmaps, driving optimal IT enablement and system development.

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Thumbnail : Personas


Submitted by • November 27, 2013

PERSONAS TEMPLETE HERE Every business has a need! Yet, consumers have needs too. This tool, Personas, is a journey to really understand the customers’ needs in order to answer to services/businesses’ necessities. Personas profiles, is a term utilized in design and usability ...

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Thumbnail : Free team software for business design

Free team software for business design

Submitted by • October 24, 2013

With the free team software Rapid Modeler you can boost your team work to the next level: Share ideas, visualize business models and manage your teamwork to implement your innovative ideas online. Several templates like the Business Model Canvas or a ...

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Thumbnail : Moodboards


Submitted by • July 1, 2013

Moodboards (sometimes called inspiration boards) are collages made of images, textures, fabric and text used by designers to communicate moods, ideas and feelings visually. Aa a picture is worth a thousand words, mood boards allows to convey complex ideas and large ...

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Thumbnail : Who Shared My Link?

Who Shared My Link?

Submitted by • April 20, 2013

This tool helps you see how many people shared your link via social channels. You can enter any URL and find out how out many times it was shared, and which journalists & bloggers shared. It's really useful and it's free!

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Thumbnail : Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Submitted by • March 10, 2013

A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value – Alexander Osterwalder Business Model Canvas? Business model canvas consists of 9 building blocks that allow you to design every business model you can imagine 1) Value Proposition: ...

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Thumbnail : Traces


Submitted by • July 16, 2012

Traces is about observing physical traces in an environment to understand how people use the space, how they have adapted its manifestation and its puclic message. This methodology should involve a deep attention to details and can be enhanced by a ...

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Thumbnail : Mind Map

Mind Map

Submitted by • May 7, 2012

Mind Map is a tool used to visualise thoughts and ideas generated and make connections between them. It allows presenting ideas in a visual and non-linear way and grouping them into clusters. A Mind Map begins with and initial ideas ...

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The difference between Business and Entrepreneurship…

It can be quite difficult to clearly explain the difference between a business and an entrepreneurial attitude, but, as this is something I have been reflecting on a lot recently, I would like to share my draft outcome with you. In my opinion what distinguishes a Business from an Entrepreneur attitude is a person mental [...]

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Here we are!

Yay! Business Design Tools platform is ready for everyone to contribute! Are you a Designer? This space is designed for you to help Businesses understand the value of what we do by sharing our tools and successful stories! Are you a Business expert? This space is designed for you to help Designers understand the challenges [...]

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What is Business Design Tools

Business Design Tools is an open collaboration platform that aims at helping start-up and small businesses to design unique services that are feasible and viable for the businesses and desirable and usable for their customers.

Everyone that has experience with the tools available is welcome to vote and share their experiences using each tool. Also, if you use any tool that is not published on the website yet, please share it with us so that everyone can benefit from it.

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